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Your Bookkeeping Questions

Hiring a bookkeeper can be confusing.  We’re here to help!

Is there a minimum fee to use your bookkeeping services?

No.  We do not charge a minimum fee – we charge a flat hourly rate for all services and understand all companies, regardless of size, need high-quality bookkeeping support. 

Are you currently taking on new clients?

Yes. Whether you are looking for bookkeepers in San Francisco or need bookkeeping services for small businesses, we can help. We are taking on new clients, but we’re selective about who we work with as we want to ensure it’s a mutually positive fit for the client and for Bluebird.  

Do you work with individuals?

We’re a small bookkeeping services firm and as such we’re selective about who we work with to ensure we are providing the highest level of service possible.  Our focus is on small to mid-sized service providers. As a general rule, we don’t work with individuals (e.g., personal finance, budgeting/tracking) or companies who sell a tangible good and maintain inventory.   

What kind of companies do you work with?

Our clients include technical and professional firms such as software developers, human resources consultants, PR and Marketing firms, design firms, and medical providers who need business bookkeeping services.  Our clients are service providers who generate income by delivering quality services across a wide range of industries.  We do not work with individuals on managing their personal financial matters and we also tend to avoid companies with large amounts of inventory.

How big does my company have to be in order to work with you?

Our clientele ranges from sole proprietors with no employees to mid-sized corporations with 80+ employees.  Small companies – regardless of their size – still need bookkeeping support and Bluebird is happy to provide that support! 

When in the year should I get started with bookkeeping services?

Anytime of year is a good time to get your books organized and establish a recurring maintenance schedule.  If you’re starting a new business, it’s never too early to start interviewing bookkeepers.  You want to make sure you find someone you can not only trust but also can easily communicate with.  Establishing a strong and comfortable working relationship early on is essential to ensuring the financial side of the business is running smoothly.  If you’re able to identify a bookkeeper early, you can leverage their expertise and best practices to identify the most effective tools, payroll provider, and processes upfront without trial and error. 

One thing to note – by the time year-end (November/December) rolls around, bookkeepers are in full swing supporting their current clientele on year-end tax planning and ensuring everything is ready for the upcoming tax deadlines.  Reaching out to bookkeepers in the last quarter of the year is not unheard of but you’re much better off trying to contact bookkeepers earlier in the year especially if you need help with the current year’s books.

What if my books or files are a mess?

No problem!  The first step in making progress is recognizing you need help.  As long as you have the willingness to send us your data we’re excited to make heads or tails of it all.  Taking a messy situation and bringing organization to the chaos is something we genuinely find satisfying and rewarding. 

What if I only have paper books?

Not a problem!  We will work with you to transition over to a digital system – it’s really not as hard as it sounds and we’re happy to work with you to get you there.  We recognize every client is different and therefore establish bookkeeping processes around the specific client.  We do not take a client and attempt to fit them into an existing mold.  We take our time to get to know our clients and assess what will work best for them.

Do you come to the office or is it all virtual?

Bluebird Bookkeeping is 100% virtual.  We have found there are so many benefits to this situation – since we’re not commuting from client to client, we’re more available to assist our clients with their needs during the business day and are able to turn urgent requests around quickly.  In addition, by using our own set-up we’re able to work more efficiently since we have everything at our fingertips and are able to utilize our ideal work set up.

Do you support Quickbooks software? Quickbooks online?

Bluebird Bookkeeping is 100% QuickBooks Online.  We know there are many great packages out there including desktop versions of QuickBooks as well as Xero and there are some great bookkeepers out there who support those packages however Bluebird isn’t one of them.  We’ve found QuickBooks Online to be the best program out there for us and have worked with many clients to transition over and leverage the great features of this web-based accounting system.

What technologies (tools) do you work with/are proficient in?

Bluebird Bookkeeping has extensive experience in implementing and working with various web-based tools including Harvest, Freshbooks, Expensify, and  We share files using Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. We support many of our clients’ invoicing needs through external systems such as Ariba and Tymetrix 360.  Bluebird Bookkeeping is also very familiar with payment processing providers such as Stripe, Square, and Quickbooks Online Merchant Services.

Do you work with Paychex and/or ADP?

While we have our own opinions about payroll providers and their pros and cons, we understand many of our clients have long-standing relationships with their payroll providers and are able to support most if not all of the common payroll providers including Gusto, Quickbooks Online Payroll, Intuit Online Payroll, ADP, Paychex, SurePayroll, and Rippling, to name a few.

What payroll support do you offer?

In addition to handling your normal payroll needs we also have experience in implementing and managing commuter benefits, 401k plans (including the annual census process), and the annual workers compensation audit process.

Are you a CPA?

While we are not CPAs, we require all of our clients to engage with a CPA, Enrolled Agent or tax professional.  We recognize finding a good tax resource can be a little difficult but not to worry!  We have a short list of excellent CPAs and Enrolled Agents we love working with and would highly recommend depending on your specific needs and situation. 

Do you file my taxes?

While we don’t file taxes, we handle everything related to the tax filing in partnership with your CPA/tax preparer.  We have established many strong relationships with our clients’ tax professionals and have an open line of communication throughout the year – not just at tax time – to ensure the books are in perfect condition for all tax filing needs.

What's the difference between you and your competitors?

There are so many bookkeepers and accounting firms out there which means the choices are vast and perhaps daunting.  Because we are a small and established firm we are selective because prior experience has taught us what does and doesn’t work.  We provide solid, reliable bookkeeping services to service providers who may not have the time to dive into their financials but understand and appreciate the importance of accurate books.  We are thorough, strong communicators and partner with our clients to make sure their needs are met.  There is a mutual respect where we understand every client is NOT the same and our clients quickly find working with Bluebird is a unique and personal relationship where they feel supported and confident their accounting records are in excellent hands.

What do you need me to provide you to get started?

There is no standard answer to this question as it depends on the client.  If you have existing books we’d love to get our hands on those to review what’s been done and get an idea of your accounting structure and bookkeeping services needs.  If you don’t have existing books not to worry!  We need access to your account statements online for all existing business accounts as well as admin access to your existing payroll service if applicable.  If your company uses third party providers such as Square, PayPal, etc. we’d need access to those accounts as well.  The first step is to schedule a time to connect by phone so we can discuss your business and get an idea of the whole landscape.  If it appears Bluebird is a good fit we’d follow up with a list of the items we’d need to get going. You can reach us via the quote button below or at +1 (510) 396-6787.

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