amazon and state taxes

amazon and state taxes amazon Marketplace orders may not be charging state taxes It has recently come to our attention that not all Amazon Marketplace orders are charging the appropriate state taxes (third party sellers, not orders fulfilled directly with In order to remedy this, we recommend that you send your bookkeeper all of …

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EDD Electronic File and Pay Requirement

EDD Electronic File and Pay Requirement California EDD Electronic File and Pay Requirement Beginning January 1, 2018, per California state law, all employers (even those with less than 10 employees) will have to electronically file with the State of CA Employment Development Department. “Employers with 10 or more employees are now required to electronically submit …

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Getting Ready for Year End

How to get your books ready for Year end Get your records ready for your bookkeeper at year end Year end close involves a thorough review of our clients’ books including, but not limited to: Verifying all uncleared transactions are valid – this includes checks written but not yet cashed. Confirming all expenses are properly …

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How Long To Maintain IRS Records

How Long Do you maintain Records for the IRS? Maintaining Records for the IRS We are often asked how long to maintain records for tax purposes. Time periods vary depending on the situation and what they may represent. The short answer, according to the Internal Revenue Service, is: “Keep records for 3 years from the …

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Expenses and 1099s

expenses and 1099s How Do You treat Reimbursed Expenses on 1099s? Any business expenses that you reimburse to an individual or company (corporations are exempt), must have supporting documentation (i.e. receipts, expense report, etc.). If proper documentation is not provided, the reimbursed amount will be included in the vendor’s year end 1099. It’s important to …

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1099s – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about 1099s What is a 1099? A 1099 is an IRS tax form to report non-employee income. The burden of filing is on the payee. The most common types of income to be 1099’ed are services provided by an independent contractor, legal services and rent paid. Services provided by a Corporation are …

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